im back
So after writing those posts a while ago and actually receiving a response I wanted to inform everyone I will start writing again.

Still as a bird is my brain.
So lately I've been unable to sleep and being new to the site I thought I'd post something. Do people even see this shit? Like does it pop up on the "life" section or something, I don't really know how this site works but I enjoy the writing let's me just let out emotions without well, without stuff?


Alrighty, so basically my mind just keeps thinking about nothing and everything and I'm on sleeping pills and I think abot sleeping pills and Can't sleep. And, shit.

So fuck,
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Writer's Block: Proven by Science
Do you believe everything has a scientific explanation?
Most things are and can be explained scientifically, but in my humble opinion there are some things that can't just happen themselves into existence, take a look at the eye, possibly one of the most complicated things in the world, and if you think a bunch of molecules began grouping up to form this so that another group of molecules could see, then frankly your an idiot.

So, This is happening.
I suppose I should write a legit post for some reason?
Alright so,
1. I live in C.R.
2. I haven't been able to be with my girlfriend in an intimate/alone setting in quite some time, probably a couple weeks.
3. I'm involved with show choir, singing, drama. All that crap.
4. My dad wishes i didn't do the above, I'm 6'5" and about 260 pounds and he assumes i would be good at football...
5. I can't bring the courage to intentionally hurt anyone, I've had this help me but in most cases it lets people walk all over me.
6. My mom works from 8-7 everyday then comes home and emails for 2 hours then goes to sleep, it's rare if i get a good night. My father on the other hand gets up at 3 a.m. to go to work and comes home at 4 p.m. or so picks up my sister from school and stares blankly at the t.v.
7. On special nights I'm given a nice treat of some serious discussion with my parents which ends with my father yelling, my mom walking away drinking so many glasses of wine she stumbles around the house til she finds her bed.
8. I don't know why i'm numbering these.
9. My friends have no idea that my home life is seriously upsetting and depressing. My closest friend has only been to my house about 5 times, this is because of my 12th birthday when my parents got in a verbal fight in front of everyone at school, I'm fairly unpopular now.
10. I put on a mask around just about everyone because i've always heard misery loves company and so i don't wanna tell people about this and have them feel like i do, Dead.

Not sleeping,

First post?

Right so, A friend turned me on to this. Doubtful anyone will ever read this since i'm just not even gonna tell him my username but i geuss this is a decent way to let out my emotions, so i guess that makes him a good friend? So ya, im not sure how people are gonna like ever find this but cool. If your reading, HAY THERE!



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